Mersereau Monument at Sheffield  
Congregational Church, Maugerville, New
Brunswick. First Protestant church, erected
1775, rebuilt 1840.
All in capital letters
-John Mersereau-
United Empire Loyalist
Born June 30, 1735 at New Dorp, Staten
New York. Was Captain of the 16th
New York Loyalists.
Arrived Saint John, N. B. July 1783 on ship
"Lord Townsend (109 passengers).
He was first Judge of Common Pleas
for Sunbury County 1785.
Also first warden of first Anglican
establishment in this province.
Was a member of arbitration board
of Loyalist Land Claims 1785.
He interceeded successfully with Governor
Thomas Carlton on behalf of
60 Acadian families whose land had
been escheated.
Died at Maugerville, July 9, 1814, aged 79.
His wife Gertrude (Charity) Van Horne
also lies buried here.
His two sons Andrew and Lawrence
settled in this area.
His Huguenot great-grandfather Captain
John Mersereau was Fort Commandant
at Rochfort, France: His family were
emigres to Staten Island.
His uncle Joshua Mersereau was first
Judge of Common Pleas
on Staten Island. 1738.
-Exerpt from his will-
"I humbly beseech the Almighty to permit
me, to bequeathe my soul to him who gave
And my body to the ground from whence
it was taken to be buried  in a decent
Christian-like manner:

Back side:
"John Mersereau had been a very
active and spirited Loyalist during
the late American war and remained
an uncommonly active man for his
years until very shortly before
his decease. He was an upright
Magistrate, a very honest and
industrious man and highly esteemed
throughout the county of Sunbury...
-N. B. Royal Gazette August 8, 1814 -

Note: John Mersereau did not have an
uncle Joshua. He did have a great uncle of
that name. Also the name Van Horne in
this family is almost always spelled without
the e. Ellnora Young