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Sean & Daria Corrigan
Family Recipe's
Certain Family Members have requested a means of
accumulating different family recipes. So if this is your
thing here's a means of doing so!!  All recipes will be
forwarded to Becky Johnston.  I believe she is going to
compile a recipe book to have available for all at the
reunion! I am unsure if it will be in paper form or on CD
at this time.
To have your family recipe included, please fill out the
form below.  Some of these recipes will be posted on
this page as we receive them.  Please check back later.
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Ranch recipe from Granny from Grandma Shannon (a six or seven
dozen recipe).


In 2 cups of water boil 2cups raisins for 5 minutes.
Set aside to cool.

Cream together 2 cups of sugar and one cup shortening.
Add 3 eggs.

Mix in separate bowl:
4 cups of flour
1/2 teaspoon cloves
1 teaspoon cinnimin
1 1/2 teaspoon allspice
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
Add 1-1 1/2 cups of raisin water (without raisins)
to sugar alternating with flour mixture.
Add raisins then add 2 cups oatmeal and 2 teaspoons
of vanilla.

Drop by spoon on greased cookie sheets and bake
350 degrees for 12-15 minutes.
" Toad in The Hole.
According to Grannie (Ruth Shannon)

Ranch version of Irish 'Toad in the Hole'
use for leftover Roast Beef.

Peel and slice one potatoe for each person,
place in skillet and layer with sliced Roast Beef
and sliced onions (one onion). Cover with 1 cup water
and any left over gravy. Cook until tender
Elcye Selden Dickgraber
Greetings family!

Our daughter-in-law found this last night tucked away in our herb book. And I just HAD to share it!!!

Here is the "Memory" that goes with it:

From 1968 until 1976 Elcye and I were missionaries to loggers in Southeastern Alaska. In the winters we would stay in the Helena, Montana area. Since I
was not logging during the winter months this gave me time to "play". Visiting Grannie "Babe" was part of our fun. So she talked about things and we
were loving every minute.

The primitive remoteness of a logging camp on an island in S E Alaska helped funnel some of my questions. For instance I got her advice on delivering a
baby. She laughed: "Billy...just try to stop it." Meaning that it would pretty much take care of itself. She was right of course...years later in Florida I
delivered our daughter Amy (child six) in the bathtub. It was simple I washed my hands about three times and handed her to Elcye. When I called our
doctor up to ask if I should cut the cord he laughed.

One of the things I loved was the soap Grannie made. Each winter I would get stocked up. Upon enquiry she would tell me how she made it. After a few
years of explaining she just...wrote it down.

The smoked fish is another story. One winter we practically lived on fish as a meat. Elcye cooked rainbows/browns/silvers (and one my wife lovingly calls
"whitings"). If there is a way of cooking fish we missed it is done in a foreign country. This naturally led to advice from Grannie.

And just about that time we started living winters in a small log cabin in Unionville. It had "running water" (as fast as Elcye and/or I could pack it up the
hill). We moved to the cabin out of necessity...those apartments in Helena howled with the winter winds. The cabin was cozy warm. And of course visiting
Grannie (there drinking green tea) she took us back to homestead times and preserving meat.

One day she wrote these three instructions down.

With the reunion less than two months away it is time to share memories. It doesn't have to be elaborate...just scribble something out. Perhaps you have
a letter you can scan and share. This reunion is one of those wonderful times in our family doings...sharing memories is the icing on this cake.

Send them to me...we are working up some way for everyone of us to get them. How about a couple immediate family photos with a basic profile of your
family's doings. I have seen lots of reunions where that was done.

Respectfully, Billy Dickgraber Sr.


I am sending the recipes that I gathered from my family along with
comments.  I made a family recipe tree.  Some of the recipes are nostalgic
while others are very tasty.  I enjoyed the project.
Rosemary Corrigan

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