James Oliver Shannon Descendant Photo and History Page

"Childhood White Sulphur Springs memories"

Sent by Rosemary Shannon Corrigan 4/25/10.
These accompany the photo of her and Ann with the Johnston boys (dolls
and kitties).

"We would usually go to White Sulpher Springs in the fall in October or
November for hunting season. We stayed either with Jay and Grace East at
their ranch, or with Jim and Neva Lou at their ranch. Before we went to the
ranch we would always stop and visit Aunt Angieand have cookies and tea.
One of my memories at Jay and Grace's place was their mean geese. They
certainly didn't like us city slickers and whenever they had the chance
they would chase us. It scared the heck out of Ann and me. We loved their
collie dog which we were sure was the dog in the Lassie movies.
Whenever we went to the Johnston Ranch, our first memory is having to
open about 8 gates before reaching the place. We slept out in the old
ranch house which had no heat, but the beds were piled high with down
comforters. We were toasty warm under those blankets, but hated to crawl
out from under them in the wee hours of the morning. When we opened
the door to the main house, Neva Lou's kitchen was full of the aroma of
sizzling bacon, fresh fried eggs and flap jacks.
After the hunters left for the day, Jimmy, Louis, and Ricky took Ann and me
out to the barnyard. One day the hoar frost was so thick on the roofs of the
sheds, we decided to climb up to the top and slide down - great fun. Then
there was the day we rode the pigs. We got in the pen with them and
jumped on their backs, after which they began squealing and running and
jumping trying to get us off. They usually ran under the fences which
knocked us off quite well. I think the boys got in trouble for that escapade.
Sometimes in the afternoon we got to ride their horses. That was Ann's
and my favorite thing to do. We could ride around their meadows for
hours.Then in the late afternoon Neva Lou would come out with an axe
and find the right chicken that was intended for our supper. I'll never
forget how the chicken hopped around after its head was chopped off.
Then we watched her pluck the feathers. Later we had fried chicken with
mashed potaoes and gravy. Neva was a great cook.
We never went hunting at either ranch when we didn't come home with
one or two deer strapped onto our 1950 Chevrolet.
I believe the two dolls in the picture belonged to Ann and me . Being from
the city we were more interested in the kitties, so we traded the dolls for
the kitties for the day. I think we were all happy with the trade.
We were so lucky and blessed to be able to experience these things while
visiting our cousins. Not many city girls had that wonderful opportunity.  
Rosemary "